Z Budapest’s Manifesto

Z Budapest is the foremother of the Dianic Wiccan movement and the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1.

Z's Manifesto is considered to be the writing that began the Dianic (Wiccan) Tradition.

Z Budapest is our foremother. The Dianic tradition itself began with what she penned on a restaurant napkin with her original members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1.

covenPolitics of Women's Religion
Manifesto of the Susan B. Anthony Coven No. 1 

from The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries
by Z Budapest

We believe that feminist witches are women who search within themselves for the female principle of the universe and who relate as daughters to the Creatrix.

We believe that, just as it is time to fight for the right to control our bodies, it is also time to fight for our sweet woman souls.

We believe that in order to fight and win a revolution that will stretch for generations into the future, we must find reliable ways to replenish our energies. We believe that without a secure grounding in women’s spiritual strength, there will be no victory for us.

We believe that we are part of a changing universal consciousness that has long been feared and prophesied by the patriarchs.

We believe that Goddess-consciousness gave humanity a workable, long-lasting, peaceful period during which Earth was treated as Mother and women were treated as Her priestesses.

We believe that women lost supremacy through the aggressions of males who were exiled from the matriarchies, and formed the patriarchal hordes responsible for the invention of rape and the subjugation of women.

We believe that the female control of death principle yields human evolution.

We are committed to living life lovingly toward ourselves and our sisters.

We are committed to joy, self-love, and life affirmation.

We are committed to winning, to surviving, to struggling against patriarchal oppression.

We are committed to defending our interests and those of our sisters through the knowledge of witchcraft: to blessing, to cursing, to healing, and to binding with power rooted in woman-identified wisdom.

We are opposed to attacking the innocent.

We are equally committed to political, communal, and personal solutions.

We are committed to teaching women how to organize themselves as witches and to sharing our traditions with women.

We are opposed to teaching our magic and our craft to men until the equality of the sexes is a reality. We teach Pan workshops today and work together with men who have changed themselves into brothers.

Our immediate goal is to congregate with each other according to our ancient women-made laws and to remember our past, renew our powers, and affirm our Goddess of the Ten Thousand Names.

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