On the Dianic Goddess Path

Join Us - Exploring the 10 Stages of Goddess through Divine Sisterhood and Shared Experience

Inner Light Nymph:

Exploring the Nymph as she returns light to the world. Votive candles will illuminate our soul’s journey with returned awareness for our ancient-selves. The Sacred Feminine and Divine Feminism. Blessing rituals.

Earth Light Maiden:

Sleeping seed lies beneath the Earth’s mantle covered by Winter, as the Maiden begins to spiral back to her Earthly existence. We explore the power of altar building and imagery through visual mediums and spoken words. Personal ritual and ceremony.

Melting Waters Goddess:

Winter’s thaw reveals the miracle of water’s duality as both solid and liquid. The waters of the Goddess of Life flow within us and together, we will perform the most ancient Dianic Self-blessing rite.

Spring Maidenhead:

As the Wheel of Life turns, we are transforming from the innocence of the Maiden to the lustiness of the soon-to-be Mother, welcoming in the Beltaine energies of All Life. Here, we honor our Dianic lineage as the females who birth all humanity. We are one with the Earth and share this divine journey.

Pregnant Woman Energies:

Ideas, creativity or actual childbirth - it matters not what impregnates your body/mind/soul. We will explore the Female Goddess Path together through shared experiences and sisterhood. Our intuitive side shines brightly. Prosperity blessings of the Mother.

Goddess Faces:

We are all the faces of the Goddess. As females, we are the embodiment of Her, She who came first to birth us all, Mother to all humanity. Join hands and circle with the Grandmother of Time as we explore the Dianic Wheel of the Year.

Bleeding Fire Woman:

Illumination grips us in her firm hold as what was once in the shadows is now plain to see. Raging hormones, the inner-sanctum of sexuality and destiny reveal themselves through shared sisterhood. Fire magic! Queen's energies rule here.

Smiling Lunar Woman:

Grandmother Moon is calling from the inner landscape of Mystery. Within her embrace, we wax and wane like the tides of this Blue Planet. We are Lunar Primates, a perspective unique to the Dianic Tradition. Flow with the unknown, the unseen and the great dark matter. Shadows and more shadows reveal themselves.

Changing Woman:

Confrontation is a Changing Woman's skill. Somewhere along the way, that has been forgotten. Take a position in Politics and become the Leader you know you are. Leadership through female expression can better change the World.

Wise Woman:

We are the women of old who have lived many a lifetime. Call forth what you already know. Remembering the Old Ways and express the Crone's energies of the Wise Woman Self through basic hands-on Herbalism and Fermentation. The gentle footprint of living green.

Bobbie Grennier, HP Summoner
Bobbie Grennier
SBAC HPs Summoner
Ghislaine Yergeau, HPs
Ghislaine Yergeau Dianic HPs

We love to teach the Dianic Tradition from the focus of the life cycle of a woman. We believe that teaching this way allows us to go on a journey together as females born into female bodies. We can fully embrace the depth of Women's Mysteries by examining how our spirituality is uniquely related to our body, soul and mind.

We designed this series of classes to bring you a huge wealth of Dianic information, feminist herstory and videos that are not available anywhere else.

We want you to know the wisdoms of the Dianic Tradition up close and personal. It will inspire you to embrace your self and the sisters around you. It  will change you.

If you're looking to go deeply into the Dianic Tradition, then this series of classes was designed just for you.

Nymph - Maiden - Mother - Queen - Grandmother - Changing Woman - Crone

Why the Goddess Path?

Finding Woman's Traditions: We are reconnecting with the Feminine Archetype through this series of female-based gatherings, in an effort to remember and readdress the Sacred Goddess in all Her divine life-cycle manifestations.

We are lunar primates and must reconnect with the Moon's lunar rhythms to fully embrace our own path on this Blue Planet.

Finding Woman's Roots: We are relearning our own Feminine Culture of lives gone by and how they influence this lifetime, as we learn to ebb and flow with our own Woman Bodies from birth to death. It is a celebration and reverence for the Female body and her pathworkings.

How it Works:

The wealth of Goddess-based materials in this series of classes will blow you away. We've brought it all under one virtual roof for the women of our Dianic tradition. These classes are for female-born women only.

From time-to-time, we will hold online private classes and some live-streaming events via the internet.

Online classes and sessions are learn at your own pace. Lessons are for you to work as you please. There is no grading and no comments.

Live-streaming attendance requires a good internet connection and your computer/smart device (details revealed to registrants only).

We will work to dedicate one day each month to attendance of this live Cauldron of Women's Energies. (Coming in Summer 2017)

In addition to the live-streaming sessions, we will establish a private Dianic Goddess Path Facebook group for our Sacred Sisters to connect.

Who Should Attend:

Women who embrace the Goddess lifestyle and feel a call to go deeper with other females who seek the same journey. Together, we rediscover our own inner Goddess reflected through all that we do in this lifetime, and highlight Her as guiding beacon for our connection with the Great Mother Goddess and this Blue Planet.

This series of events are for Female-born women only who are seeking more understanding of the Dianic Tradition and their own spiritual path workings. If you love the Goddess and her Dianic Tradition, please respect this as a female-born space.

What you will Need:

  • A good attitude and a readiness for change and sisterhood.
  • Requires a good internet connection and your computer/smart device.
  • Your will to set aside personal time for reading, ritual and reflection.
  • A strong inner desire and dedication to self is needed.
  • You will need some candles, incense and other similar supplies.

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Spread out over 10 Paypal subscription payments. 

Each session is $50.

There are 10 subscription payments.

Learn at your own pace.

10 Monthly lessons total.

*Does not include membership.

No refunds.

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