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7d963957b3a1462871256405b8912efcThe Sisterhood welcomes all female-born women and girls.

Currently, The Sisterhood membership dues (it is a yearly donation) are $20 per year. Due to the nature of these transactions, NO REFUNDS are given once processing begins. We do not give refunds... think of it like putting money into the collection plate in a church and then, asking for those funds back at a later date. Those funds have been used to support the religious organization and are no longer available for refunding. Apply for membership only if you are seriously committing to making a yearly donation to the Dianic Tradition and The Sisterhood's efforts to educate the world regarding women's issues and our tradition. Once you have committed to this service, no refunds will be given.

Your membership dollars help support all The Sisterhood's activities. Donations for attendance at seasonal ritual celebrations are based on ability to pay, with no woman turned away for lack of funds if we can cover her expenses. Freewill donations of any amount are encouraged and deeply appreciated. Classes, workshops, and special events are priced at low, reasonable fees to maintain accessibility for all women-born women and girls.

Our Herstory

Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 was formally founded on Winter Solstice 1971 and incorporated as a non-profit religious, educational, and charitable corporation in the state of California through the Women's Spirituality Forum, Inc. In 1985, the Women's Spirituality Forum, Inc. received its tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) status as a federally recognized Dianic church and educational institution.

The Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 is directly of the Z Budapest lineage. In 1980, Ruth Rhiannon Barrett inherited Z Budapest's Los Angeles ministry. Ruth then dropped the coven's name and formed Moon Birch Grove. In 2007, Bobbie Grennier revived the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 with the full blessing of Z Budapest, and it has been active ever since. In 2016, Bobbie ended her relationship with Z and renamed her group Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities, thus giving back the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 name to Z. We are now known as The Sisterhood (formerly the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1).

The Sisterhood Membership

- Open to women born-female only.
- Dues $20 yearly through PayPal subscription program. No refunds.
- Members receive special discounts as events and classes arise.

Yearly Basic Membership Subscription of $20

Support The Sisterhood's efforts to advance the Women's Spirituality Movement with your membership to the world's best-known coven. This is the coven that inspired the Movement, and continues to advance its mission and goals.

Memberships are screened and added by hand. After you register, we will begin processing your application with you. We are very slow at this as we are an all volunteer organization. We also need to be able to get to know you, so please go to our Facebook group and ask to Join:

This is a teaching coven with online reach as well as in-person options. Our educational offerings happen through the courses at the Dianic Goddess College online. We expect you to already be on the Dianic path, not just exploring it.

susan b anthony

Susan B. Anthony Coven Number 1 Manifesto

We believe that feminist witches are women who search within themselves for the female principle of the universe and who relate as daughters to the Creatrix.

We believe that, just as it is time to fight for the right to control our bodies, it is also time to fight for our sweet woman souls.

We believe that in order to fight and win a revolution that will stretch for generations into the future, we must find reliable ways to replenish our energies. We believe that without a secure grounding in women's spiritual strength, there will be no victory for us.

We believe that we are part of a changing universal consciousness that has long been feared and prophesied by the patriarchs.

We believe that Goddess-consciousness gave humanity a workable, long-lasting, peaceful period during which Earth was treated as Mother and women were treated as Her priestesses.

We believe that women lost supremacy through the aggressions of males who were exiled from the matriarchies and formed the patriarchal hordes responsible for the invention of rape and the subjugation of women.

We believe that female control of the death principle yields human evolution.

We are committed to winning, to surviving, to struggling against patriarchal oppression.

We are committed to defending our interests and those of our sisters through the knowledge of witchcraft: to blessings, to cursing, to healing, and to binding with power rooted in women-identified wisdom.

We are equally committed to political, communal, and personal solutions.

We are committee to teaching women how to organize themselves as witches and to sharing our traditions with all women.

We are opposed to teaching our magic and our craft to men until the equality of the sexes is a reality.

Our immediate goal is to congregate with each other according to our ancient woman-made laws and to remember our past, renew our powers, and affirm our Goddess of the Ten Thousand Names.

The Sisterhood Membership Terms and Conditions:

- Members are expected to be active in the promotions and activities of the coven.

- Members should attend the events and gatherings sponsored by the coven as often as is possible.

- Members should be active in the furthering of causes associated with women's rights and equality, following in the footsteps of our matriarch, Susan B. Anthony.

- We reserve the right to revoke or refuse membership.

Membership Statement of Faith

Please review the Statement of Faith below to continue.

Dianic Tradition is a Goddess and female-centered, earth-based, feminist denomination of the Wiccan religion. To become a member of The Sisterhood, you must be a woman-born female who resonates with, is in accord with, and is interested in exploring the basic principles of Dianic Wicca which follow:

The Goddess is Nature, the Mother of all Creation.

Revere Nature as a core component of your spirituality.

Have a commitment to honor and restore meaning to women's lives through the celebrations of Women's Mysteries, the Wheel of the Year, and other life cycle events.

Be in accord with feminist ideology, and work for freedom and equality for all people with respect for differences in cultural, racial, ethnic, class, ability, and sexual orientation.

Practice a code of ethics that honors the Earth, Her creatures, yourself and others, that is equivalent to the Wiccan Rede, "An it harm none, do what you will."

Agree to use your energy for healing, transformation, and positive change.

To become a member, we also ask that you keep The Sisterhood informed of your current address, and that you be 18 years or older.

Membership indicates that you are in accord with the core principals of Dianic Wiccan religion.


Susan B. Anthony

English: Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.
- Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to the cause, ... the woman suffrage movement. The accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony paved the way for the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 (14 years after her death) which gave women the right to vote.

Her accomplishments include the following:

Founded the National Woman's Suffrage Association in 1869 with life-long friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Together, they worked for women's suffrage for over 50 years.

Published "The Revolution" from 1868-1870, a weekly paper about the woman suffrage movement whose motto read, "Men their rights and nothing more, women their rights and nothing less."

First person arrested, put on trial and fined for voting on November 5, 1872. Unable to speak in her defense she refused to pay "a dollar of your unjust penalty."

Wrote the Susan B. Anthony Amendment in 1878, which later became the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Helped found the National American Woman's Suffrage Association in 1890, which focused on a national amendment to secure women the vote. She served as president until 1900.

 Compiled and published The History of Woman Suffrage (4 vols. 1881-1902) with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage.

 Founded the International Council of Women (1888) and the International Woman Suffrage Council (1904), which brought international attention to suffrage.

An organizational genius -- her canvassing plan is still used today by grassroots and political organizations.

Gave 75-100 speeches a year for 45 years, traveling throughout the the United States by stage coach, wagon, carriage and train.

Led the only non-violent revolution in our country's history -- the 72 year struggle to win women the right to vote.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton openly criticized her good friend Anthony for her stance, writing that Anthony and AWSA leader Lucy Stone, "... see suffrage only. They do not see woman's religious and social bondage." We of The Sisterhood do see woman's religious and social oppressions. It's our intention to honor both these great women by bringing to the women's movement a strong spiritual foundation through philosophy and action.

Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry.
Susan B. Anthony

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