Ghislaine “Eclecta” Yergeau

Ghislaine Yergeau, HPs

Ghislaine “Eclecta” Yergeau

Ghislaine Yergeau, HPs
Ghislaine Yergeau, HPs

Research Interests: History, Education, Archaeology, Sociology, Law, Languages and Linguistics, Cultural Theory, Religion, Humanities, Culture, Development Studies, Women's Studies, Theology, International Studies, Women's Spirituality, Environmental Sustainability, Human Rights and Holistic Health.

For decades, Ghislaine’s life has been fuelled by her intense interest and passion for learning, travel, world cultures and religions, human and especially women's rights, the environment, languages, women’s spirituality, and sisterhood. Her travels have taken her to many parts of the globe and she’s thankful to have family and friends on every continent.

Ghislaine’s work has always been multi-faceted. Even while teaching and being a consultant with various school boards and Ministry of Education, she continued her work in translations, simultaneous interpretation, writing, editing, mediation and counselling. She has been a leader in women's organizations in Ontario (Canada), a Conference organizer and speaker.  Now retired from the field of education, she devotes her time to women's spirituality in its many forms.

She translated into French Zsuzsanna Budapest's major work, The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, which will eventually appear in print. She contributes articles to the Women's Spirituality Forum's Goddess Magazine among others, and also serves as a writer and Associate Editor for Neotropica Magazine. She served as a Faculty Member at Goddess College and with the old Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 Dianic University.

Eclecta's focus in life is Sisterhood and Women’s Spirituality in the Dianic Tradition of Z Budapest. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a trained Mediator.  She is a High Priestess of her ancient family tradition, a Priestess, teacher and counsellor in her local women's group, and is a Conference speaker to the larger Pagan community in Costa Rica.

The local group is known as Hermanadad de la Luna, (and no, the word is not a mistake, we did add an extra “a” because in Spanish, the dictionary renders both sisterhood and brotherhood as “hermandad”, but when it comes to translating it back, it only lists brotherhood. So, since women are mostly invisible in the language, we wanted to underline this.)

The group meets twice a month, on the Full Moon for ritual, and on the Dark Moons for learning and teaching and discussions.

Since we all live in the same village or nearby, we see each other regularly and our lives intertwine. I imagine this is how our foremothers, the ancient ones of the Old Ways, lived and shared with each other.


B.A., Lakehead University, French and Social Studies, 1982

B.Ed., Lakehead University, 1983

M.A., U.Q.A.M., Curriculum Development, 1988

S.O.*, O.I.S.E*., 1992

P.Q.*, 1994, 1995

*S.O. Supervisory Officer of Education

*O.I.S.E. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

*P.Q. Principal Qualification, parts 1 and 2

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