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The Sisterhood

The sisters of the Susan B. Anthony Coven welcome you to our ascension as the Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities.

Dianic Tradition

This Dianic women's spirituality group has been lead by Bobbie Grennier since 2007, and it will continue to be operated by Bobbie. Though we are teaching and practicing the Dianic tradition as established by Z Budapest, she no longer has a personal relationship nor ties to our circle of women. Bobbie continues to honor Z Budapest as the founding mother of the Dianic Tradition. Bobbie and her community continue to support the tenants of the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries and Z’s teachings through her 50+ years of service to the Goddess and Her women.

This group is a place of Goddess worship for women to practice the blessings of being born a woman. This is a woman-only space for females-born-female.  If you truly love the Goddess, then respect her Dianic tradition.


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Dianic Tradition

Do not be put off that we are no longer working with Z directly. The majority of High Priestesses, Clergy and Summoners that Z has ordained no longer work with her directly. It is a natural hiving off of groups that wish to break away from the parent teacher and stand on their own. It's a healthy state of growth.

In 2007 with Z’s blessing, Bobbie resurrected the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 after 30+ years of abandonment. Z had named this coven in 1971, but handed it off to Ruth Barrett who used it for a period of years before changing the name to Moon Birch Grove. And thus it laid dead for three decades.

From 2007 to 2014, Bobbie governed this coven and Z lead the public rituals as it pleased her.

From 2014-2016, Bobbie worked privately with a group of women in-person and continued to allow the coven to represent a global presence in support of Z Budapest. Z was an occasional guest speaker during this time, but not acting H.P. The website was changed in 2014 to reflect this shift with Bobbie as the H.P. and Z as honored foremother.

2014 ushered in a ending to the tryst between Bobbie and Z. 2016 brought a total departure in her relationship with Z Budapest for personal reasons.

On November 29, 2017, Z Budapest announced the formation of her new coven the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Coven #1. Once more, Z has retired the coven name Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 from her own use. Thus, the Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities will remain synonymous with the name of the Susan B. Anthony Coven and continue their work as Feminist Dianics.

On the brilliance of Full Moon of Summer Solstice 2016, we have reinvented ourselves as the Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities (SBAC). The Susan B. Anthony Coven, the Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities and The Sisterhood are now all the same group of women who share the values and spiritual practices of the Dianic tradition.

We are no longer affiliated with Z Budapest directly, but we are still practicing the Dianic Tradition. Z is the foremother of her Dianic Tradition, and we respect that but we no longer wish to work with her directly. We also will no longer be affiliated with the Women's Spirituality Forum, Inc. which is governed by Z Budapest.

What is happening here is a separation much the same as Ruth Barrett had to do several years ago with Z Budapest. It's very sad to have to make this statement, but it's best for all involved.

This website is the work of Bobbie Grennier. All information and media files on this website are copyright of Bobbie Grennier. Quotes are copyright of their authors and used here respectfully as an educational tool.


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